Monday, 14 February 2011


Today has been yet another difficult day. I am finding I am wanting to cut myself off from people - I think that not trusting the professionals or my parents is making me suspicious of everyone, even the people I talk to online, who I know are always supportive of me. So I haven't spent much time online today. I came online earlier and tried to read a few blogs, and I sat and watched Twitter for a while, but couldn't say anything. Everything feels very overwhelming. I seem to be spending more and more time staring into space and not being able to do anything, because even the internet is starting to feel like too much, and I found that ok until the last couple of days, as it didn't make any noise and didn't involve any concentration. But now I find it gives me a headache. I am absolutely dreading rehearsal later. I am terrified. I am scared of leaving the house. I am scared of being around people. I am scared of having to interact and pretend to be ok. At rehearsal last Wednesday I was told by about five people that I looked ill or pale and was I ok. Since I had missed the Monday rehearsal by saying I had a stomach bug, I told them I still wasn't feeling too great. I can't do that again tomorrow, but when I am feeling this bad my ability to pretend to be fine seems to leave me. I can do it all of the time, and not being able to is really a sign of things being rock bottom for me. I have to go to ballet too, and the same applies, although at least there is less time for socialising there, and I can get by better on auto pilot there, as I know the syllabus so well. Ok, I may not be dancing it as well as I could, but I can get by without drawing too much attention to myself. When I am at rehearsal and learning choreography or singing a song I don't know particularly well, or being told my blocking for a scene, I have to concentrate more, and I can't concentrate at the moment. I am finding it a lot of pressure at the moment.

Plus it is my mum's birthday. Since I never know what date it is, I didn't realise how soon her birthday was until the middle of last week, so I haven't got her much in the way of a present. I feel like a shit daughter. I made a cake today, although I cheated and used a packet mix, as they always turn out so perfect, and later I need to make icing and decorate it. We won't have long at home - we only have about 45 minutes on a Monday between her getting home from work, and having to leave for ballet. I had planned to have the cake all done for then and give her the little present I do have for her and her card, but she said tonight that my sister is coming over. This is my sister who hasn't spoken to me since October and does a bloody good job at ignoring me completely if she is unfortunate enough to see me somewhere, for example when we were both singing soprano in the same carol concert at Christmas and therefore saw each other at rehearsal every week. I made effort with her, and none of it was reciprocated, so I have had enough of her - I have no desire to have anything to do with her, and I am pissed off that she is coming over in the only time we have at home tomorrow. I can't face seeing her when I am feeling this shit, as even when we were speaking she always seemed to go out of her way to make me feel like crap, so I will just have to stay upstairs whilst she is here and not give my mum her present or card or cake. I love my mum, despite what they have done to her in turning her against me. I just need to remember there is no point in speaking to her about my feelings as she has been indoctrinated by them.

I can't wait for today or tomorrow or whatever it is to be over. I am confused about days and times. Since it is 4:45 in the morning it is technically tomorrow, but since I haven't slept yet I am still thinking of it as Sunday. Just need to try and get through the day the best that I can, however much I don't want to. I wish so much I didn't have rehearsal and could stay home though. I really am panicking about that. I wish I was feeling better. If anything it still seems to be getting worse, and a week ago I would have said that was impossible. But things just seem to be harder and harder. I really want to die. The thought that they expect me to cope for over a week more by myself before I see anyone is laughable.


  1. I am so worried about you. ((hugs))

  2. What can I say you dont already know but am here and concerned. ont isolate yourself from everyone there are people who care.

    LR x

  3. I had the crisis team arrive for me 12 hours after they rang to say they'd come. Then my brother didn't even check to see if I was in, and just told them I wasn't, and the doctor said very angrily that "well if she's outside, enjoying the sunshine, then why are we here?" in quite an abrupt and pissed off tone. Well I am sorry, mr doctor, that you get paid over a hundered grand a year to do your job, it must be so awful for you to get called out during your work hours, and gee, your right, if i'm outside I must be having a whale of a time, a right hoot, clearly there is nothing wrong with me at all, definitely not about to walk in front of a bus or anything. The whole thing is just so ironic, considering I was actually in and all.
    I'm not sure what this has to do with your post. Nothing, is probably the answer, and i'm using you to get this frustration about it out.
    You have every right to be suspicious of health professionals, they're all shit.

  4. Hi Bip,

    I am worried about you too. I know you're having a terrible time trying to get help from the professionals - but I disagree with the anonymous comment above - they're not all shit. It's just such an ironic and frustrating situation that you have to try to fight for help at the point when you're least likely to have the energy to do so.

    I hope you find a way to give your mum the cake you've made and that your sister doesn't cause any upset.

    Please take care x

  5. I'm worried about you too. I don't know what to suggest, but I hope you don't isolate yourself from us. We really care about you.


  6. Echoes the above, we missed you on twitter yesterday. I must admit I'm just about at the stage of giving up on the NHS, the way they're treating you and just about everyone else at the moment makes a mockery of any suggestion of a decent mental health policy. Grrr! *rants* Try not to cut yourself off completely, we're here and we care about you.

  7. Oh hon, you're not a crap daughter, you were very thoughtful to do that considering how you feel.
    Echo the others, we care - don't you dare stop talking to us, that's an order x