Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pyjama Day

So it ended up being a pyjama day after all - L cancelled. Well, she didn't cancel - she was off sick so the receptionist cancelled. For some reason I was expecting her to not be there today - I left my phone on vibrate so that it would wake me up when they rung to say she wasn't there, and then when my alarm went off and they hadn't rung I was really suprised, and so I checked the landline before I got dressed or anything, and there had been a call I suspected was from them (even though they have only ever called me on my mobile before), so went downstairs and my mum said they had rung to cancel because L was off sick. I don't know how I knew she would be - I just did. I could have done with seeing her really as there were some things I wanted to talk about, but is isn't like she could help being ill. I am hoping she will be able to fit me in later in the week if she is back, but I expect she will be too busy and I will have to wait until next week.

So anyway, I went back to sleep for a couple of hours, as I had had less than 5 hours sleep by that time, and then have just spent the rest of the day slouching around in my pyjamas not really doing a lot. Watched a bit of TV earlier, wasted some time online, have no idea what happened to the rest of the day/night. Not got anything on tomorrow except a rehearsal in the evening. In fact I think that applies to the rest of this week. Oh I did spend a while trying to get my hair to curl (for The Tempest). My hair is very straight naturally, and doesn't like curling or waving, or anything like that, but I can't just leave it straight because it will look way too modern. I just want some basic curls - it won't look very 1930s, but I am not dressed in 30s stuff until near the end anyway, so I don't think that matters. I have been trying to curl it with my GHDs. It did go into something vaguely resembling curls, but it looked more like I had been dragged through a hedge than the pretty curls I was aiming for! The videos on YouTube make it look so easy.... It might be easier if it was longer - the girls on YouTube have longer hair than I do, although mine has grown a lot lately I think. It is shoulder length now, mainly due to my indecisiveness about how I want it, which means I just do nothing with it. I haven't had it cut since before Christmas, which will probably explain why it seems to have grown a lot! I had it in a chin length bob, quite layered and with a fringe, last summer, which I quite liked but it was a bit of a nuisance for dance etc, as there was basically no way of having it tied back neatly - I could get some of it into a ponytail, but most of it wasn't long enough to tie back, and my ballet teacher likes very neat buns, which didn't happen for a while... Anyway, I think the curls might be more successful if it was longer, because they seem to just stick out at strange angles (particularly the layers), but since it isn't going to get any longer in a week I will just have to find some way of making it look a little less wild. It is lucky I haven't had it cut for so long really, because usually I have quite short layers, but it is so long since I had it cut that they are all about jaw length. I get bored with my hair very quickly. As soon as I have had it cut I want it different. And then I can never decide whether I want it long or shorter so I do nothing and dye it instead. In the past 18 months I have dyed it black, darkest brown, chestnut, blonde highlights, chestnut again, and now I am thinking I will go dark again. It would be great if hair grew really really quickly so you could just change it all the time. I think I like changing my hair because my entire childhood it was really long - until I was about 14 it was always at least waist length, and when I was younger it was quite a lot longer than that - past my bum. I think having it the same for so many years makes me want to change it all the time now, but obviously that isn't possible unless you just cut it shorter every time, because it needs time to grow. When it is shorter I generally decide to grow it - not long like I used to have it, but back to shoulder length or a bit longer, but get bored waiting for it to grow and want to cut it, but know I want it longer really, so dye it instead, and then when it gets to this sort of length I want to cut it again. But if I cut it I will just want to grow it again. For performing/dance stuff it is better to have it longer really, particularly for dance, but also for example I need to keep it long until after Carousel really. Boring!


  1. I'm likde that with my hair. I generally stays short though, because when it grows, it doesn't just grow down, it grows out! And then becomes unmanageable so it gets chopped again. And I do the same thing with dying too. Sigh. We're never happy!

  2. It sounds like you and I have very similar habits when it comes to hair. My hair is curly, but I just get so bored with it so easily that I end up dying it all different colors to add some spice in my life. But you are so lucky to have straight hair! I am jealous.

    And hooray for pajama day! I'm a fan of those.

    Wishing you well,

  3. I haven't had mine cut since just before christmas when it was shoulder length and full of lovely layers... seven months on it is half way down my back and desperately needing cut. I just don't know what the hell to do with it! I think I like it longer but it takes so much time to make it look nice, my hair is naturally quite curly but I like it straight and even with my wonderful pink ghd's it takes forever! I agree about the videos on youtube they do make it look so easy to curl your hair and even my hair which is quite long now is very hard to do it how those girls do. Do you know anyone with heated rollers? My friend got some recently and they work really well.

    Anyways I shall stop waffling now, take care xx

  4. Oh I'm the same, I wish I could get a different hair cut/colour everytime I wake up according to what I feel like. Sometimes I think I want it shorter, so I do that, and the next day I'm like "Aww! I'm feeling like having long hair now!".

    I don't get a lot of variation because A) My hair is extremely curly... it won't do anything else. I wish it was wavy so it could go either way... but nope. and B) My hair is dark brown. No colours really show..

    Since I'm not working or anything I figured it was the perfect time to try something different, so I'm gradually making it lighter until I can spend sometime as a blonde. HERE the fast growth rate is not a good thing though, because it means doing roots all the time.


  5. Karita - I have never had my hair properly short - when I had it chin length last summer that was the shortest I have had it, and other times when I have had it shorter it has been a couple of inches longer than that maybe. I would like to have it properly short, but then I know at some point I would want to grow it again, and I saw what a nightmare a friend had growing her hair out from a short crop when she decided she wanted it longer again and that put me off a bit!

    NOS - straight hair is good most of the time, but I wish I could get it to curl more easily. Well at all really - it just won't! I have a friend who has great hair, if she scrunch dries it then it goes curly, and if she blow dries it it goes straight. Plus of course you can always use straighteners.

    mycrazybipolarlife - Just before Christmas is when I last had mine cut too I think - I was growing it so I didn't have anything exciting done - just trimmed and the layers and side fringe cut back in. But now it is slightly past my shoulders, what was my fringe is almost down to my chin, and all my layers are past chin length. I will get mine trimmed in a couple of weeks, but I can't really do much more than that because of Carousel I don't think.

    Purplesapho - my hair is kind of mid brown naturally I guess, but I like it dark best - I have very pale skin and blue eyes, but fairly dark eyebrows, and so I quite like it really dark because it is a bit unusual. I always use semi permanent colours though apart from when I have had highlights etc, because then it fades and I can dye it a different colour if I want.